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AuraSip Scent Pods

AuraSip Scent Pods

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AuraSip scent pods infuse your hydration with bursts of vibrant flavour, all without the added calories. Ditch the soda, embrace the oasis. Each pod unlocks a delicious new world in every bottle.

With 17 different flavours to choose from, the choice is yours. All with the benefits of absolutely NO sugar, NO Calories and NO harmful chemicals. 

Can't decide on just one flavour? No worries! Dive into our delicious assortment of pod packs, each bursting with a unique medley of tastes to tantalize your senses:

  • Top Sellers: Cola, Watermelon, Peach, Apple and Strawberry
  • Fruity Fiesta: Watermelon, Passionfruit, Apple, Orange and Pineapple
  • Island Breeze: Pineapple, Peach, Sweet Melon, Lemon and Banana
  • Beverage Collection: Cola, Lemon-Lime Soda, Energy Drink, Coffee and Whisky

*AuraSip pods are designed exclusively for the AuraSip bottle

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2 Senses, Endless Possibilities

Elevate your hydration, awaken your senses

Forget plain water. Dive into a multi-sensory oasis. AuraSip infuses your hydration with vibrant scents and refreshing flavours, transforming every sip into a journey for your senses. Close your eyes, breathe in, and let the worries melt away with each blissful drop

Purely Natural. Sip the difference.

More than water, it's AuraSip. Your guilt-free escape, one sip at a time

Forget sugary imposters. AuraSip takes your pure, natural water and infuses it with vibrant scents and flavours without the guilt. No sugar, no calories, just endless possibilities in every sip. Discover your perfect taste adventure, naturally.

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unleash the flavour revolution

So many flavours, you'll never buy soda again

Skip the sugary swirl, choose your water's world. Fruity fiesta? Island breeze? Cola craving?
With 17 different flavours to choose from, the choice is yours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the AuraSip bottle dishwasher safe?

AuraSip bottles are made from Tritan, meaning they are strong, durable, sustainable and 100% dishwasher safe.

Is the AuraSip bottle BPA free?

Absolutely! as our bottles are made from Tritan, they are 100% certified BPA free.

Can I use sparkling water with my AuraSip bottle?

Ditch the cans, embrace the bubbles! AuraSip meets sparkling water - it's like your favorite soda got a healthy, delicious makeover. Infuse your fizz with Cola, Energy Drink, or Lemon-Lime Soda and prepare to sip the surprise.

Will I receive a scent pod with the purchase of a bottle?

Every AuraSip purchase comes with a bonus pod, your instant ticket to our flavour oasis. Dive in and discover your new happy place.

How long does each pod last?

Each pod enhances 5-10 litres of water with deliciousness, letting you enjoy countless sips of bliss before bringing on the next flavour adventure

Can scent pods be recycled?

Of course! AuraSip pods are 100% recyclable!

How do I use the scent pod on my bottle?

Ready to unlock a world of flavor? Here's how to infuse your AuraSip with deliciousness in a snap:

  1. Crown your bottle: Gently place the scent pod on top of your AuraSip bottle, nestling it around the straw. Be sure to line up the indent on the pod with the cutout on the straw.
  2. Activate the aroma: To unleash the flavour potential, simply give the pod a gentle pull upwards until it clicks softly into position.
  3. Sip and savor: Now, take a deep breath and indulge in your first sip of scented bliss!
  4. Pause the pleasure: Need a break from the flavor symphony? No problem! Just guide the pod back down to the base of the straw until it clicks securely in place. Your scent adventure will be waiting patiently for your return.

For a stronger taste, the pod can be pulled all the way up, giving more flavoured air bubbles, but less water.

For a milder taste, you can pull the pod down slightly from the top, giving less flavoured air bubbles, but more water.

You may want to experiment with different pod positioning in order to find the sweet spot according to your preferences.

*AuraSip pods are designed exclusively for the AuraSip bottle

Where is AuraSip based?

We are a proudly Australian company, based out of Adelaide, South Australia.

How long will it take to dispatch my order?

You order will be dispatched within 1-3 days after being placed

How long will shipping take after my order is dispatched?

Shipping times vary based on delivery country as follows:

  • Australia: 7-9 business days
  • New Zealand: 7-9 business days
  • USA: 7-10 business days
  • Canada: 6-9 business days

How can I contact the AuraSip team?

You can contact the team Monday - Friday, 9am to 6pm via our email at or the chat bubble in the bottom right

How to use scent pods with your AuraSip Bottle

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